Attend Webinar On Pregnancy Expert PregnancyWorkshop Best Pregnancy WorkshopIn Pune
Attend Webinar On Pregnancy
Expert PregnancyWorkshop
Best Pregnancy WorkshopIn Pune

Detoxify your pregnancy🤰🏻 with Authentic ' GARBHASANSKAR.

Pregnancy Garbhhasanskar

Don't miss the lifetime opportunity to design🖊️ your baby 👼🏻, to make"A dynamic work of art , 

Take Care in Pregnancy

Piece of divine mind💫 and a slice of your reflection . 

Pregnancy Garbhasanskar Is Best

Dr. Prianca Chavan

Gift  this  workshop to your WIFE to achieve healthy pregnancy and healthy baby with Universal values and ethics. So inviting💌 you to be a part of this kick starting series. 

Full Name

Dr. Prianca Chavan

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+91 94202 17171

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What We Do?

We Provide Pregnancy Garbhasanskar Workshops​

3 DAYS action based Garbh Sanskar series & 10 days transforming workshop  enroll now just for 399 /-rs..  B👼🏻by does not want a perfect mother but a Happy mother 

Don’t miss the opportunity to enlighten🎇 your pregnancy🤰🏻

 We have designed 2 level programs for empowering your pregnancy 

Level 1 

3 Days workshop
Fees 399/- rs

 Flavourful Friday:

(18th December 2020)

🥗 Nutritious and immunity increasing diet 

Good eaters begin in womb🤰🏻 

Eating right in pregnancy🍱


 2nd Day Stretching Saturday

(19th December 2020):

🧘🏻‍♀️ Safe yoga asanas for pregnancy 

🕉️Mantra therapy⚛️


Soothing Sunday

(20th December 2020)

🤱🏻 Mother and  baby bonding stimulation

🌈 Lifestyle modification in pregnancy 

You become what you feed your mind🧠 

Level 2

 10 Days  Transforming Workshop  (21st Dec – 31st Dec 2020)

Fees : 2499rs/-



Therapeutic Monday

(21st December 2020):

 🤱🏻Bonding simulation

🕉️ Mantra therapy ⚛️

🧠Full meditation


Workout Tuesday

(22nd December 2020):

 Peaceful Pranayam🧘🏻‍♀️ 

Yoga bellies🧎🏻‍♀️ 

🕉️Wisdom mantras 


 Tempting Wednesday

(23rd December 2020): “यथा अन्न तथा मन”

 🥗Know your kitchen is a medical store🚨 for pregnancy 🤰🏻

Healthy meditation🕉️


Flexible Thursday

(24th December 2020):

Delightfully designed yoga for fitness 💪🏻

Yog nidra😇 

Pure Pranayam 🧘🏻‍♀️


Soulful Friday

(25th December 2020):

 Couple session 👩‍❤️‍👨

Couple bonding stimulation therapy 

Couple meditation🎎


Marvelous Saturday

(26th December 2020):

 📿Ojas meditation for increasing immunity🤞🏻  of mother and baby👼🏻 

Lifestyle modification🌈


 Toning Monday

(28th December 2020):🤸‍♀️

for a peaceful delivery and powerful birth👼🏻

 Powerful Pranayam ⚛️


Whoopie Tuesday

(29th December 2020):

Pacifying Labour pain.

 Getting ready for delivery day  🚑

Welcoming Baby📸


 Transforming Wednesday

(30th December 2020) :

Yoga for mind ,body and soul 


Fabulous Thursday

(31st December 2020:

Rebonding  couple ♈yoga fun couple activity

 Couple bonding meditation as a new family together👩‍❤️‍👨


 How our class works:

Zoom live sessions (for deeper understanding of concept )


Personal attention 

You get to ask your questions in a live  Q and A session

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